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Over 50 years of professional management experience in Software Development with particular expertise in:

Software Development Information Technologies
Business Management New Opportunity Development
Total Quality Management Strategic Planning
Human Resources Marketing/Merchandising
A proven leader with the ability to comprehend complex technologies and issues quickly, able to set goals, provide vision and strategy. A dedicated manager who delivers on commitments, is willing to take calculated risks and try new approaches. A decision maker who communicates ideas easily with clarity.


Business Graphic Group.   2005 − 2018
President, CEO Pleasanton, Los Gatos, CA  
  • Provided marketing support services, graphic design, and advertising with professional service.
  • In business since 1989, BGG was a dedicated group of design professionals located in Pleasanton and Los Gatos, California.
Xbridge Systems, Inc.   2001 - 2004
President, CEO and Director Los Gatos, CA  
  • Re-started struggling mainframe software Development Company.
  • Established focused marketing programs and built a direct sales organization.
  • Re-built development and support teams.
  • Provided leadership for development restructure of product.
  • Generated over 5,000 leads, demonstrated to 200 prospects, & discovered a 18 month plus sales cycle
  • Due to economic environmental factors and long sales cycle Xbridge was unable to sustain operations.

InterTrust Technologies 2000 - 2001
EVP & GM, Development & Technical OperationsSanta Clara, CA

  • Delivered InterTrust's first production deployment ready products.
  • Drove early adopter end-user experiences
  • Led transformation from start-up to mature enterprise.

Compaq, Tandem Division 1998 - 2000
VP, Quality and Customer Satisfaction, Tandem BUCupertino, CA1998 - 2000

  • Led the Tandem Division's return to number 1 in customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Drove key customer loyalty initiatives across Compaq
  • Was an agent for change

Vice President, Operations & COO NonStop SoftwareCupertino, CA1998 - 1998

  • Led transformation of NonStop Software into a SEI level 3 organization.
  • Was responsible for infrastructure support.

Commercial Data Servers 1997 - 1998
Vice President, Marketing & Product DevelopmentSunnyvale, CA

  • Completed development of the CDS 2000 and CDS1 S/390 compatible hardware systems.
  • Launched the CDS 2000 Enterprise Server family.

Taligent 1995 - 1997
Senior Director, Product Engineering & CIOCupertino, CA

  • Transformed Taligent from a Research Lab. into product house.
  • Certified and shipped Taligent's CommonPoint Rel. 1 to investors.
  • Rebuilt productization and test team to support Taligent's product strategy.
  • Designed and implemented maintenance support process.
Independent Software ConsultantBethesda, MD/Los Gatos, CA1994-
  • Conducted market entry assessment for embedded systems vendor.
  • Conducted development process and quality assessment for large OO software developer.
  • Developed product architecture for advance image capture framework.
  • Provided Image market segment technology & requirements outlook.
IBM 1966-1994

Director, ImagePlus Systems DevelopmentBethesda, MD1992-1994

  • Architect of ImagePlus/2000 Strategy & Vision
  • Developed and launched new Client/Server family of products
  • Reinvigorated the marketplace perception of the ImagePlus brand
  • Improved cycle time by 25%; productivity by 30%; through incremental development methodology
  • Rightsized organization to achieve profitability
  • Achieved ISO-9001 certification (first software provider in Image industry)
Special Assignment to AGM of DevelopmentSomers, NY1991
  • Performed development audits, reviews, & consultation
  • Addressed process, methodology, quality, and organizational issues
  • Enhanced development quality of Application Solutions products
Director, Kingston Programming CenterKingston, NY1989-1991
  • Managed 800-person software development organization
  • Produced 40 individual products: operating systems, security, systems management
  • Defined & sold high-end UNIX strategy
  • Developed and launched two high-end UNIX operating systems (AIX/370, AIX/ESA)
Director, System Programming StrategiesPoughkeepsie, NY1988-1989
  • Developed a 5 year Operating System strategy
  • Led senior technical staff from all divisions of IBM to evaluate and recommend product directions in support of strategy
Manager of VM/XA Product DevelopmentKingston, NY1987-1988
  • Developed and shipped first 31 bit commercial VM system
Manager of Systems EvaluationWhite Plains, NY1986-1987
  • Developed National Language strategy and process for IBM software
Manager of MVS Systems ExternalsPoughkeepsie, NY1982-1986
  • Revitalized system management product direction
  • Defined product strategy for TSO/E that enabled it to achieve 80% market share penetration
  • Represented IBM to the SHARE-wide technical steering committee
Manager, MVS Experimental Lab.Poughkeepsie, NY1979-1982
  • Developed extended addressing implementation for MVS subsystems
MVS Software DevelopmentPoughkeepsie, NY1971-1979
  • Various positions MVS operating system development (Architecture, Design, Coding, Testing, & Marketing)
Hardware Customer EngineerCanton, OH1966-1971
  • Hardware Customer Engineer Mid-Range IBM computers, peripherals, and unit record equipment


Staff Sergeant US Air ForceHomestead, FL1962-1966
  • Missile Systems Analysts GAM 77 air to ground missiles, Strategic Air Command


Ohio State University - Liberal arts Columbus, OH1960-1962


SHARE User Group1974-1994
  • 20-year participation--IBM representative to several projects, including MVS, VM, and UNIX, to SHARE at large, and to the SHARE Board of Directors

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